RCIED Jammer

Our RCIED Jammer incorporates the latest jamming technology in a compact integrated system. Able to be equipped with a wide range of frequency jamming modules our RCIED Jammer can be deployed in just minutes to protect VIPs, Military / Security staff or EOD teams from RCIEDs. The system contains: Jammer modules, antennas, battery, power supply and optional remote control. Jamming modules can be selected to provide high power targeted jamming or wide band with modules available in bands from 20-6000MHz. In its basic form one jammer may be set to jam 20-500MHz or 500-1000 MHz or Satellite Phones, CDMA, PCS, GSM, UMTS, 3G, WiFi and WiMax bands. Each frequency band offers the option of blanket jamming or targeted with a programmable window of operation for each band enabling threat targeting and/or “free” communication channels.