Portable X-Ray System

The portable digital X-ray systems provide the security operator with optimal image quality (high dynamic range and resolution), unrivaled penetration capabilities, and immediate digital X-ray imaging on site - all packed in a single case (or backpack) for easy transportation.

The portable digital X-ray systems are the fastest and safest solution for security users. It offers a large area digital panel that is lightweight, battery operated, truly portable and robust. Highest quality digital X-ray images are available within seconds! With 16 bit dynamic range (65,536 Grey levels), excellent resolution of 3.5 lp/mm and powerful software, it provides you with the highest level of detail in X-ray imaging, ensuring accurate detection.

Only one approach is required for achieving the highest quality images immediately! The images, available on a laptop screen in mere seconds, facilitate instantaneous detection so that decisions can be made on the spot! The danger level of a suspect object can be quickly evaluated and promptly acted upon. Also equipped with an Unique Dual Energy Organic Detection to aid in differentiating between organic and inorganic materials.

The fully battery operated FlashX system operates for over five hours on its rechargeable batteries and for an unlimited time when using an AC power source, 110/220V. The system is even operable with a vehicle DC inverter.

All components of the FlashX system - laptop, flat panel imager, ICU, cables, and even the X-ray source - fit into one weather-proof ruggedized case with roll-away wheels which serves as a protective operating platform as well. This set-up allows the operator to work in even the most difficult of field conditions.

The FlashX system includes a large area flat panel with an imaging area of 34.2 x 43.2 cm (13.5 x 17 in) and allows for resolution of 3.5 line pair/mm. The 16 bit dynamic range allows for the delineation of hairline cracks and production/wear imperfections by achieving truly incredible images - the highest possible quality images with today's technology. The 65,535 (16 bit) gray levels

provided by the system are optimized by Vidisco's unique Window Leveling tool which allows the operator to select a "region of interest" and receive the optimal compute generated leveling for the area chosen.


The RayzorX, another vidisco first in the world of digital imaging, is the thinnest portable amorphous silicone flat panel x-ray inspection system available. At 13 mm, the RayzorX sets new standards for a lightweight, thin imager and compact unit. This super thin panel with roughly a 22 cm x 22 cm imaging area allows for imaging right up to the bottom and side of the panel and maneuvering the imager into the tightest of places.

The system laptop-driven and fully battery-operated with up to five hours on one battery charge; the system can be run with AC power ( 110/220V ) or external DC power. The RayzorX design allows placing the imager up to 50 m away from the CDU with only one connecting lightweight cable handling both power and data. RayzorX system provides all the benefits of DR-most importanly, immediate imaging.