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PNG-200 - Portable Noise Generator


click for a larger picture The PNG-2000 is designed as a portable acoustic noise-generating unit that can be used in a variety of ways. The noise generating circuitry has been optimized for voiceband noise masking against listening devices and is designed to reduce the effectiveness of eavesdropping devices such as microphones and tape recorders.

When multiple units are used in concert, a complete environment masking system can be easily installed in any environment. The PNG-200 can be mounted to smooth surfaces using suctions cups or simply placed in an area that potential eavesdropping devices may be present.

PNG-200 Advantages
  • Optimized voiceband noise masking for acoustic interference against listening devices. (Acoustic noise is tailored to voice frequencies).
  • Mounts easily to windows using suction cup (included) to defeat the high tech laser threats.
  • Mounts easily to walls for protection against listening devices that rely on acoustic leakage (ie. contact mics, spike mics, human ear).
  • Portable: Can be carried easily in coat pocket. Multiple units fit easily in a briefcase.
  • Stylish anodized aluminum construction designed for ruggedness and portability


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ANG-2200 - Acoustic Noise Generator 2200

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The ANG-2200 is designed to create a perimeter of noise around a target area that defeats wired microphones inside walls, contact microphones, audio transmitters located in AC outlets, and laser/microwave reflections from windows.

Most sound masking systems inject noise into an otherwise benign environment. In this environment, the occupants must raise their voices above the noise level to communicate, which invariably, eliminates the benefit of noise masking.
REI's masking system injects noise into the environment perimeter and not directly into the environment. This approach allows normal conversation while defeating eavesdropping devices that rely on acoustic leakage.


The ANG-2200 offers two channels each with a truely random noise source. Both channels have a seperate high and low frequency control in order to compensate for loses found in the enviroments material composition.

The REI noise masking system consist of a main unit (the ANG-2200) and three optional accessories that are purchased to tailor the system to the environment of concern. The ANG-2200 accessories are:

  1. TRN-2000 Transducer used to inject acoustic noise into walls, ceilings, windows, plumbing, and air ducts.
  2. OMS-2000 Omnidirectional Speaker used to project acoustic noise into drop ceiling air spaces, closets, crawl spaces, and air ducts

ANG-2200 Advantages
  • 2 seperate channels
  • Truly random noise sources
  • High Frequency and Low Frequency Controls
  • Overload Protection


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Borescopes - Precision Borescopes

Research Electronics International is proud to offer this interchangeable borescope kit. Each Product can be purchased individually for a specific use, or can be purchased as a kit to cover a wide array of situations.
Hawkeye Precision Borescopes are fine optical instruments for seeing inside small areas, and are used in many applications including security and manufacturing inspections and utilized in many environments where direct viewing is impossible. These are precision instruments, however they are not approved for medical use on humans.


Hardy Nova Kit - BNK-1000

{Pictured Above}
Hawkeye Precision Borescope Kits contain borescopes for 0 degree direction-of-view, 90 degree Mirror Tube, Mini-Maglite light source, two AA alkaline batteries, lockable metal case with key and a one year limited warranty.

Flexible Borescope - BFI-1000

The Hawkeye Flexible Borescope fits into places with restricted access, can be flexed into places with tight access and has "memory" to retain its working set. The Hawkeye Flexible Borescope brings illumination from a powerful, portable Nova Light, through glass fibers to the subject. A clear, bright image is returned to the eyepiece through 18,000 optical glass fibers.

Luxxor Video Kit - BLV-1000

Magnify the power of your Hawkeye borescope with video. Inspect faster and more comfortably. Document your inspection. View images with others, to discuss or teach. Record for evidence. The Luxxor Video Kit has 450 lines horizontal resolution, and 10 lux sensitivity. The Kit comes with Luxxor L video camera, Karl Storz Video Adapter, Luxxor 24 Light, Luxxor Light Guide, SuperKit Carrying Case.


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CMA-100 - Countermeasures Amplifier

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The Countermeasures Amplifier (CMA-100) is a high gain audio amplifier used to detect and identify certain types of surveillance devices attached to building wiring such as telephone wiring, LAN and server systems, AC Power, Alarm wire etc.

The CMA-100 is designed to provide flexable features and will prove to be very useful in many situations.


The CMA-100 has a balanced input impedance of 50K ohm, can withstand being attached to live power lines with voltages up to 250V, and provides up to 115dB of gain.

Additionally, the CMA-100 utilizes a unique AGC that has 105 dB of control.
Signals as large as 31V peak-peak can still be monitored with minimal distortions. Manual gain control can be set to 0, 25, 50, 75, or 100 dB.
Filters can be positioned to FLAT, LOW PASS, HIGH PASS, or BAND PASS.

CMA-100 Advantages
  • This multifunctional amplifier has a built in AC/DC digital voltmeter, selectable audio filters, and an extremely wide dynamic range.
  • Balanced and Unbalanced high impedance inputs provide connectivity to to a variety of suspect wiring.
  • The CMA-100 also provides a bias voltage adjustable between -14.5V and +14.5V DC that is used to activate possible devices that are voltage or current sensitive. The bias generator is compatible with most types of line conditions.
  • All of these functions employ a sophisticated automatic gain control circuit that is superior to most audio amplifiers.

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